Treatment and services?


Our Beauty professional services are as follow

** Facial treatment (both normal and deep)

**  Removal of pimples and acne

**  Treatment of acne scarring and uneven skin

**   Treatment of oily skin, congested and blemished skin

**   Treatment of dry, sun damaged and dehydrated skin

**   Pore tightening

**   Black and white head removal

**   Pigmentation and freckles elimination

**   Skin lightening and rejuvenation treatment

**   Improvement of sensitive skin, wrinkles, fine lines

**   Removal of eyebags, dark rings and stretch marks

**   Firming up of double chin, saggy skin

**   Firming of breasts, buttocks, tummy

**   Full body slimming course

**   Full body waxing for women

**   Eyelash Perming 


All using the latest technology :

**  France Ultrasound and cool hammer machine

**  USA Face Lift machine

**  France Microphoresis machine

**  Germany ultrapeel crystal machine

**  Germany laser cat machine

**  South Africa Ionzyme machine

**  USA medical microdermabrasion machine

**  USA Stem-cellogist face machine

**  France Bio-Skin Activate

**  Germany Bode Oxyjet

**  Italy Derma Electroporation Machine


Some of the equipment we use for treatment:










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